Traditional qualifications for the best universities.


Key Facts
Minimum Age 16

Start Dates: September and January. Other times by arrangement.

Course Length: Normally 5-6 terms (3 terms = 1 year)

Number in Class: Maximum 15, though the average is 7.

Course Content: Students usually study 4 subjects in their first year (AS) and then 3 subjects in their second year (A2). Student also have private research time, and IELTS or general English language lessons where necessary.

Appropriate for: Students wanting detailed preparation for university; students wanting to go on to a demanding course at an elite university; students who have not completed secondary schooling.
Course Progression: University. This independent qualification can also be used for employment.

A Levels are traditionally the standard qualification required to obtain a place at a UK university.

Usually students take four subjects in their first year (AS Level), and three subjects in their second year (A2 Level). It is possible to study over an eighteen month period for our students beginning in January.

Students may have a number of private study periods in their timetables, which can be spent in the college library or computer rooms. Study Skills are taught as part of every course. Students typically receive two hours of homework per weekday evening. Practical work in our science laboratories is a necessary requirement for science subjects.

AS and A Level Courses Available

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, ICT, Sociology, Art

* Please ask us for latest subject availability. We can run almost any other subject if there is enough demand, or as 1 to 1 courses with private lessons.