Alumni - Former Students

We are pleased to say that we are now working on putting together an Alumni section here, for former students.


This will allow us to do the following:

  • Keep a database of students broken down by year
  • Pass on contact details – where agreed and appropriate – to fellow students
  • Update you every so often with our newsletter of what is going on at Abbey (which, of course, you are free to opt out of at any time).


On this page you will also be able to see:

  • News on what former students and staff have been doing since leaving
  • Information about special requests or particular events of relevance to former students (from former students or the school)
  • Old school photos and other interesting stories and curiosities from previous years.


We hope over time this will grow to become a fascinating resource for our former students, and help many of you to share your stories and re-connect with each other.

If you wish to add your contact details to our Alumni database, please enter you details HERE. On the form, let us know that you are a former student, what years you attended, and what your residential house was. Include any messages, news, or information you would like to give us at this stage. Please let us know if you prefer we do not share this on the website, or if you prefer we do not pass your email on to fellow former students that may have known you. 

We will not pass on your contact details to any third parties, other than potential former schoolmates where you have agreed to this.

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May 2016 - Please click HERE to see some recent photos of old students visiting our school.

May 2016 - Please click HERE to see some old photos which some of our ex-students have sent to us.

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