Academic Results


The College is proud of its record of success in improving student grades and in sending them to high quality UK and international universities.

After discussing their career hopes during their initial interview, students are seen individually by the Principal and his deputies to discuss their applications for Higher Education courses.

To gain the most benefit from the UCAS university application system candidates need specialist advice and assistance, and the college has considerable experience in this area. 


We have a tradition of links with good universities, yet at the same time can offer independent, impartial advice because our links are kept informal - unlike some schools we have no obligation to send students to universities that may not be appropriate for them. 


Abbey College has small classes and low overall numbers. Some students take IGCSE courses, others take Foundation courses, and others take A Levels over the age of 18. None of these are counted in the 'league table' statistics, so despite our success, Abbey College is not listed in such tables, as we do not have enough remaining students to meet the minimum number criteria.


A Level Results

Year       Results: all subjects, all students

2012:     100% A* to B       67% A* or A

2013:     100% A* to C       88% A* to B

2014:     100% A* to B       55% A* or A

2015:     95% A* to C         58% A* or A

2016:     100% A* to C       54% A* or A


Click HERE to see our A Level results pie charts.

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