High School Experience


Keys Facts

Minimum Age 14         Maximum Age 17

Start Dates September, January and April.

Course Length Minimum 8 weeks.

Number In Class Maximum 15, though the average is 7.

Course Content Up to 5 subjects, with English language lessons provided where necessary.

Appropriate For students who want to experience the British Education system or boarding school life.

Course Progression GCSEAS/A Level and Foundation Courses depending on academic level. 


Experience school life in the UK 

This course gives students an opportunity to experience the British education system and life within a boarding school in the UK.

Students study a broad range of subjects which can generally be regarded as the equivalent course that a British student of a similar age would be following.  Many countries will give full credit to students studying this course when they return home and re-join their own educational system.

Students can join this course for one, two or three terms.

Each student’s timetable will be tailored to suit their academic needs. Depending on the student’s academic ability they may be integrated into some advanced classes such as GCSE or A Level. 


Subjects Available

Core Subjects Main Optional Subjects Other Supplementary Subjects
English Biology English Literature
Mathematics Chemistry Art
ICT Physics Economics
  Business Studies

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