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Meet some of our team.

Abbey College in Malvern currently employs staff that are fluent in the following languages, as well as English: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin, Polish, Farsi, Bulgarian, Greek and Latvian.

Colin Spicer

PrincipalMr Spicer

Joined Abbey College in 2014


I am proud to represent Abbey College Malvern as Principal. I am a key member of the senior management team, and do my best to constantly improve the quality of service we offer. I also have an active, hands-on role in the development of the students and the staff, which is something I really enjoy.

I am involved in all areas of the school and have overall responsibility for ensuring all aspects of the academic and boarding sides of the college run smoothly and effectively. Key areas of responsibility include: Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Quality Control & Improvements, Marketing, Recruitment & Personnel Management. 

I have worked in international education in the UK, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Malta and China in a range of academic and senior management roles for more than 28 years. 

Education: BA (Hons) in Business Studies,  RSA Diploma in TEFL  


Sarah Robbins                                                                  

Head of Boarding

Joined Abbey College in 2016


I am responsible for the welfare of the students, ensuring they are healthy and happy so they can get the most out of their time here. It's a privilege to have the opportunity to work with such amazing students from all over the world on a daily basis.

I have worked in education and academic management in Europe for the last sixteen years and it is fantastic to have the opportunity to continue to work with international students in such a beautiful part of the world.

Education: BA (Hons) English & Philosophy, CELTA





Neil Morley

Head of Student Services

Joined Abbey College in 2016


Having recently returned from 22 years in Portugal, l’m excited to be in such a beautiful part of the country and such a fantastic school. I’ll be helping ensure that in addition to high quality tuition our students have a truly unforgettable experience here at Abbey College.

In Portugal I spent a great deal of time preparing students for Cambridge exams and worked as a Cambridge Speaking examiner. It’s very important to have a holistic approach to learning language, and to do it in an enjoyable, memorable way.          




Wendy Roberts

Director of Academic Studies

Joined Abbey College in 2010


As Director of Academic studies I am Head of the Business departments and Head of the Science department, UCAS Manager and Examinations Officer. I am responsible for academic planning and timetabling, teacher development, academic development and pupil academic progression. I also manage the academic side of the foundation courses.

Abbey College is a progressive and rapidly developing college, open to change with excellent progression and development for teachers and students.

Education: Bsc Honours Degree in Brewing and Microbiology, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Dip IOB.



Leo Kouniakis

Director of Studies (EFL)

Joined Abbey College in 2008


I have been in education and specifically EFL for 26 years in a variety of roles. I started as an EFL teacher and later worked as Assistant DOS and Principal in an International Language School abroad.

My responsibilities include managing all English Courses and examinations (PET, IGCSE, IELTS). I work to ensure that all our students receive the attention and help they require to excel academically.

I am very proud to be working at Abbey College. Giving our students the knowledge and qualifications to go on and study at a University level is not just my job, it is a way of life.

Education: Dip Ed., DELTA, University of Cambridge             



Debbie Hughes

Academic Registrar

Joined Abbey College in 2000


I am responsible for the whole admissions process for students enrolling on Academic Courses and our Medicine and Dentistry courses.  

Abbey College is a great place to work and is very family-orientated. I have been at the college now for 16 years and still enjoy my job very much.





Ana Blazquez Ana Blazquez

Short Course Registrar and Marketing Officer

Joined Abbey College in 2015


I process the short course applications and assist with marketing activities. I have experience in the field of the public relations and marketing. I am very pleased to be part of Abbey College; it's a beautiful school in a lovely environment.

Education: Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Public Relations; Masters Degree in Marketing. 







Farman Kaveh

Director: Marketing and Recruitment

Joined Abbey College in 1999-2008, then rejoined in 2015           


Overall responsibility for the promotion of the college and our courses through all the various channels, as well as the recruitment of appropriate students on to the courses.
It's great to have rejoined the college! I truly believe we can offer something unique to our students, in a spectacular setting. I'm looking forward to helping the college to continue to flourish in the coming years, and to seeing our students achieve what they are capable of.

Education: MSc Marketing Management, BSc International Relations



Mehran Noor


Joined Abbey College in 1986


My first experience of Abbey College was as a student. I studied A Levels at Abbey College before moving on to University. My name is even on the board as student of the year in 1979! I returned in 1986 as a member of staff and have been here ever since. Whilst working here I have been involved in many different areas. The main departments I am currently responsible for are Finance, Contracts, Recruitment and Maintenance.

I am proud of what Abbey College achieves and the way our staff care for our students.

Education: P.G.Dip (Eng), M.Sc. Cert TEFL



Matt Groves

Catering Manager

Joined Abbey College in 2010


As Catering Manager I am responsible for the menus, food safety, nutrition and cooking of all meals at the college. I have worked in many different places, previously winning “Worcestershire’s dining pub of the year” award, but my role at the college is the most enjoyable one. There are so many different nationalities to cater for and there are always new foods and meals to try.






Pat Patel


Joined Abbey College in 2008


I am responsible for the student finances, agent accounts, collection of all fees, payroll and pensions. I enjoy working at the college in an environment with such a variety of different nationalities.

Education: BA Economics




Mike Ruddick


Joined Abbey College in 1995


I’m the College Librarian and responsible for college resources. 

My job varies from day to day - monitoring the IT and audio-visual equipment, making travel arrangements for visiting professors, online research work, office printing and stationery needs and coordinating the college's internet and phone lines.






Isobel Merrett

International Student Recruitment and Development Officer

Joined Abbey College in 2017


My main responsibilities are in the areas of student recruitment and marketing. Having studied and taught abroad, mostly in China, I am passionate about the benefits of an international education. It is a privilege to promote the Abbey College, and the exceptional student experience it offers.

Education: BA (Hons) Chinese and Spanish, MA Asia Pacific Studies, TEFL. 

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