Student Reviews


Areen Jabareen, 15 years old from Palestine:

"I like everything in the college, the kindness of the people and the teachers... I'm so satisfied with them and so happy with them"


Madina Mirzaakbarova, 18 years old from Uzbekistan:

"Abbey College is a lovely place"


Valentina Grunow, 16 years old from Germany:

"The teachers were very friendly and the lessons were fun... The staff members were very friendly and patient"


Ranna Agbaria, 15 years old from Palestine:

"Teachers and the activity staff are the nicest people on earth"


Lucia Casanovas, 14 years old from Spain:

"I love all the teachers, I learn a lot!"


Edoardo Valenani, 13 years old from Italy:

"Perfect... perfect... perfect... perfect... perfect... perfect..."


Diyora Kadirova, 17 years old from Uzbekistan:

"Abbey College is very good for me. I like the teachers and lessons. I hope to see you again next year"


Ignacio Lopez, 13 years old from Spain:

"I enjoyed a lot my 3 weeks here :)"


Hussain Al-Bakri, 17 years old from Yemen:

"The places we have visited were rich in historical things and I have learned much about British heritage"

Sofia Mourad, 14 years old from Italy:

"I love my class! Everything was perfect for me" "I really enjoyed this experience, I know new people and had a fantastic experience with them"

Julia Plaza, 16 years old from Spain:

"I liked very much, the experience was so good!" "Abbey College is so good and the best of the college is the friends you make from other countries"


Clementine Dechavanne, 10 years old from France:

"It's Perfect"


Violetta Shafranetska, 14 years old from Ukraine:

"This college is the best! The location is perfect. It’s great that there are fields for activities where students can spend time. Most of all I like the staff. These people are very friendly and kind. During lessons we did interesting tasks; we played games, did projects, watched videos, made our own film and spoke to each other. All teachers are qualified and patient to students. There are lots of activities, I was never bored and excursions were exciting, I visited many places I haven't seen before. The food here is very delicious; there is a big choice of different meals. I had a wonderful time here in Abbey College. I met lots of friends from all the world and had lots of fun here. Also my English level now is better. I hope to come next year."


Mary Hanae Sakaguchi Hatada,  15 years old  from Peru:

“English class was great :)"


Isabella Salvati, 15 years old from Italy

"Thank you for these two weeks because it was very funny! :)"

Damien Hertz, 15 years old from France:

"This food is very good; there is a choice and variety of meals"


Nassir Atti, 17 years old from Saudi Arabia:

“I’m not in a college; I’m in my second home! Thank you”


Juan Orego 15 years old from Columbia:

“The best teachers that I have had. The classes were very, very, very good!”


Nefeli Vourvouriotis 14 years old from Greece:

"The Abbey college is one of the best colleges I've visited and I hope I'll come another time"


Nina Tonido, 14 years old from France:

“The teachers are very good. We learnt a lot”


Saidmuod Saidov, 15 years old from Uzbekistan:

“Abbey College in Malvern is a very interesting place. I think this is the best place I have ever been because here you can find a lot of friends and the teachers and staff are very kind. Thank you Abbey College for a wonderful time”


Carlos Felipe, 14 years old from Columbia:

“This is the best college… you are friendly, polite, funny; you are the best. Thank you for looking after us for one month”


Maxime Turbez, 14 years old from France:

“The food was extremely good. The teachers were the best I’ve ever had”


Anaida Babasyants, Group Leader from Russia:

"Thank you very much for everything!!! I hope to bring students back next year! Love you all!"


Natalia Catalan, Group Leader from Spain:

(Regarding an excursion) "It was a great chance to know more about English Culture. Moreover I think the organisation was perfect and the children have learnt interesting things about English history"


Zamira Beisenbayeva, Group Leader from Kazakhstan:

“Everything was organised well. The students enjoyed being here. One of the important things is safety, their parents will trust this college to send their children. Thank you”

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