Jie Fei

Student Testimonial

Jie Fei, Malaysia, Final year of A Levels, 2016 - 2018

It took a lot of courage for me to uproot myself from Malaysia to study A Levels abroad at Abbey College, a life-changing schooling experience that I am eternally grateful for. I have genuinely enjoyed my time here, and am thankful for all the academic and non-academic staff who have been nothing short of lovely and accommodating. Thank you Abbey College.

Ele Atawodi

Following a Law Foundation Course at Abbey College, Ele went on to study an LLB Law degree at the University of Nottingham, eventually graduating from Nigerian Law School in 2011. Ele is now a Barrister and an Associate at the Institute of Chartered Arbitrators.

Oluwatimilehin Tioluwani Hambolu

Student testimonials

Oluwatimilehin Tioluwani Hambolu, Ireland, Foundation Law, 2017 - 2018

My experience at Abbey College has been a pleasant one.I have made friends from different parts of the world; places i’d never imagined. I have had the honour of having teachers that are compassionate, empathetic and understanding, I could call them friends. I have never been to a school where the opinions and suggestions from the students mattered and were considered this much. Abbey college gives you experience, that you might just find yourself using years from now. Although no place or person is without its imperfection, Abbey College embraces them and tries to improve.

Rodrigo Ricardo

After Abbey College, I came back to my country (Mexico) to continue with my studies, and nowadays I’m soon to go studying to Shanghai, China. I really liked the field trips we made to diverse places of the country, and also the college’s internal events. That is a good college where you can get along with many people from around the world and to get to know a little from other cultures, also there are always events that creates a nice environment within alumni.

Bello Idris

After Abbey College, I went to Coventry University to study Business Information Technology BSc for 3 years and later did my Masters. My favourite memory of the college is disco nights at the common room; it’s one of those things I remember and like much. I would recommend the college. After I finished from Abbey I had 2 friends come over to study and told them it wasn’t really a noisy environment, it is quiet and peaceful.

Akhmed Djumaev: Uzbekistan, 2012-14, academic
After Abbey College I went to do my foundation in London South Bank University and now I am studying Mechanical Engineering in University of Hull. My favourite memory from Abbey is actually everything. I enjoyed staying there, meeting new people, participating in the events and the help from the teachers was incredible! If I would recommend to a friend of mine, and I will, I will say it is a good place for study and a good place to improve your communication abilities in English language.