Meet the Abbey College Senior Leadership Team

Mr Daniel Booker

Mr Daniel Booker


Mr Mehran Noor

Mr Mehran Noor


The Principal's Background

I was born and bred in Oxford and originally completely ignored my mother’s advice to become a teacher. Despite an academic background, I experimented with a career in business that involved the publishing and exhibition industries. My first experience of leadership came when I was a stage manager in the theatre, on one occasion I had to translate from Scottish English to British English for a Glaswegian stage crew and some Russian ballet interpreters of English. 

At the beginning of 1990 I finally followed my mother’s guidance and became a teacher of English as a Foreign language.  Initially, teaching mostly European teenagers, with the exception of the children of the Malaysian Royal family!  I believe I have taught most nationalities during my teaching experience which has taken me into Europe, Eastern Europe and even China. Over the last 20 years I have spent more time leading teams of teachers rather than being at the chalk-face, although my heart always belongs in the classroom. 

I am a great believer in promoting the talents of teachers who, in turn, will nurture the talents of students as the whole process of learning becomes a communal effort in which the results of our labours are seen in the successful careers of our learners.

The Bursar's Background

My first experience of Abbey College was as a student. I studied A Levels at Abbey College before moving on to University. My name is even on the board as student of the year in 1979! I returned in 1986 as a member of staff and have been here ever since. Whilst working here I have been involved in many different areas. The main departments I am currently responsible for are Finance, Contracts, Recruitment and Maintenance.

I am proud of what Abbey College achieves and the way our staff care for our students.

Education: P.G.Dip (Eng), M.Sc. Cert TEFL