We recommend that students enrolled on an academic course arrive at, and depart from, Heathrow on the travel days, between 10:00 and 17:00, when a complimentary transfer is available for flights between 10am and 5pm. Please refer to the Course Dates for travel day dates. Students should not be late for the start of term - the College must be informed if a student is to arrive late.
Taxi transfers to/from any airport – including Heathrow – can be organised by Abbey College at any time. Please ask us for specific charges relevant to your booking.
For all airport transfers, at least three full working days written notice is required for Abbey College to arrange collection. All travel arrangements must be sent in writing to the Registrar, who is not in the office on weekends. Please note that Abbey College cannot be responsible for missed flights under any circumstances.
Students arriving outside of a travel day can contact Abbey College for help arranging taxis for which students are charged. Students should aim to arrive at Abbey College between 14.00 and 18.00. Please do not book flights to arrive outside these times. Abbey College is closed to arrivals after 22:00.

Abbey College cannot book airline tickets nor confirm airline tickets. Abbey College policy is that we do not make flight reservations for students, nor will we change existing bookings for flight dates or times as Abbey College’s insurance does not cover us for this type of service; it needs to be done by parents, agents or the student.


Accommodation will be available from 14:00 on the travel day until 10:00 on the last day at the end of the course. The first meal is served on the evening of the travel day. Abbey College’s canteen closes at 18:30 on travel days.
During the final term, students who have external examinations beyond the last day of term (this occurs very rarely) will receive all tuition and lunch free of charge, but may be expected to move into homestay accommodation arranged by Abbey College from the last day of term. A student’s initial course finishes when his/her final public examination has been completed, two days after which the student is required either to join an alternative programme until the end of the term or to return home.
Academic students are required to vacate their rooms entirely during the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. Abbey College will help to arrange local off-site storage for personal belongings if required; belongings are stored entirely at the students’ own risk and cost.
Students may be able to take a course with us during the Easter and Summer holidays; otherwise Abbey College will endeavour to arrange homestay accommodation for all students wishing to stay in the area at a weekly cost. It is not possible for students to live in residence on campus during the holidays without taking a course.

Academic Induction

During the programme, students have the chance to discuss their course in detail and are introduced to the College’s relevant Heads of Department. At this stage potential problems are resolved in order that work can proceed smoothly through the term. For students from overseas, and for British students from outside the local area, there are coach trips to familiarise them with places of interest and outstanding natural beauty, such as visits to local towns and cities.
The Induction programme is designed to prepare students both intellectually and culturally for the course of intensive study they are about to face. New students arriving late will miss the Induction programme, although shorter inductions are available for students arriving unavoidably late.