Fees include:

  • Group tuition
  • Standard accommodation on campus
  • All on-campus meals (lunch is not provided on full day trips)
  • Airport transfers
  • Two full day excursions per week
  • Basic welfare and healthcare
  • Weekly laundry
  • All course materials
  • Internet, library and self-access facilities
  • All mainstream on-site activities and social events
  • End-of-course certificate and teacher’s report

Please contact us with details of your requirements and we would be happy to design a programme for you.
Click HERE to see our standard vacation course sample timetable.
Click HERE is an example of a group timetable outside of summer.
Click HERE is an example of a 6 day timetable, Sunday to Saturday.
Click HERE is an example of how we can add an additional excursion and off-site visit to the regular schedule.

Abbey College offers special packages for groups (12 or more students) attending our popular vacation courses.

Each of our group programmes can be tailor-made for each group, depending on what they wish to focus on, whether it is particular sports and excursions or even specific academic subjects. Airport transfers are included for groups, and one free group leader place is provided for every 12 students.

We are able to offer groups a vacation course at any time of the year during our term dates, not just during summer. Groups of all sizes are welcome at any time apart from Christmas, and can stay for any length of time to suit them.

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