Have a Safe and Happy Christmas with ‘The Abbey College Christmas Experience’

For many international students boarding in the UK going home for the Christmas holidays may not be an option this year.

Traditionally, boarding school students have either flown or travelled home for the Christmas holidays. However, this year the ongoing risk of infection from Covid-19 continues to affect the way many UK based schools and colleges operate.

Moreover, the possibility of restrictions due to local lockdowns and required quarantine periods have made parents reconsider their child’s holiday travel plans.

For the first time in 40 years the Abbey College in Malvern will remain open during the entire Christmas break.

From Saturday 12 December 2020 to Sunday 2 January 2021, students who are unable to return home have the opportunity to spend their Christmas holidays in a safe and friendly environment in the heart of England.

‘The Abbey College Christmas Experience’ is a 22-day stay at one of the oldest college’s in Worcestershire.

Located on the side of the beautiful Malvern Hills, this traditional boarding school set among 32 acres of quintessentially English countryside can provide international students with a memorable holiday experience that will put their parents’ minds at rest.

‘The Abbey College Christmas Experience’ includes:

- A Covid test sent to the student prior to their arrival at the college

- Full-board accommodation throughout their stay in single or double rooms

- Inclusive meals every day that cater for all dietary requirements

- Dedicated house-parents with 24-hour security

- Indoor and outdoor recreational activities on site

- Use of the college’s gym and sporting facilities

- Half-day trip to local places of interest and shops

- Revision opportunities in a conducive study environment

- All at a competitive cost of £1800

- Plus quarantine/isolation facilities if required

- A branded Abbey College face mask

Students wanting to book a place at the Abbey College should book their place by 20th November using our application form on the next page.

Please pass on this information to parents and agents or speak to us personally if you have a student who would like to participate in ‘The Abbey College Christmas Experience”.

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